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A lot of professions come along with many false stereotypes…Like the accountant who is boring, or the teacher who is quiet and reserved. I personally know an accountant and a teacher who are the COMPLETE opposite to these presumptions, and I love that they blow those stupid labels out of the water! Designers are certainly not short on any misconceptions. Here are some big myths that need to be busted once and for all!


Interior Designers Are Unaffordable

This is a big one—a lot of people assume that designers are just for the rich and famous. This is such a huge misunderstanding that stops most people from picking up the phone to call a designer for help.

Here is what everyone needs to know: Designers will work within your budget. If you only want help with one room, or just a wall color—most are willing to offer advice for those very small projects. Pick up the phone and just ask them if they are willing to take on a small, budget-friendly job. You will be so happy that you did!


Designers Are Rigid And Uptight

You know how this myth has been generated?? TELEVISION. Of course, there are a lot of design shows that highlight a rigid designer who seems hard to deal with; who expects things ‘their way or the highway’; who are just plain mean!—I am going to be so bold to suggest that a lot of this is an act for television, increase ratings.

Unfortunately, it may stop some everyday people to look toward a designer for help. Designers live just like the rest of us, most of them aren’t rich and they are more down-to-earth than many people think.


All we do is Play With Fabric Swatches

A large part of a designer and decorators job is to make spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. They not only play with fabrics, paints and decorative items; they must determine space requirements, layouts, read blueprints from builders, be well-versed in building codes.

If you are working with a designer, then you can rest assured they have attained a lot more from school than just the opposing colors on a color wheel.

Designers are more than happy to design rooms to suit your needs, whether they be masculine or feminine.


Designers Are know-it-alls

While most designers will certainly know a lot more about design than the average person, it doesn’t make them know-it-alls! As a client, you need to be clear and concise about your wants, needs and budget constraints. You need to be specific about how you see the designer being apart of your project, and which roles he or she will take.

Designers can only give you what they know, and if information is lacking, well, then they will fill in the blanks with their own personal ideas of what you need and want. It may be a dream-come-true for a designer to hear the words ‘Do whatever you want’, but this scenario is unlikely to result in a home that speaks to who you are.

So don’t hesitate to communicate! I always emphasize to my clients that my feelings will not get hurt… it is important for you to tell the truth about likes and dislikes, since, afterall this is your house, not mine!


Their Homes Are Stage Perfect

We imagine a designer to have a perfect home. Funny thing is, many are much too busy working on other peoples homes, leaving them very little time for their own.

Sure, they get discounts at all the great showrooms, giving them opportunities to design the home of their dreams, but this is not the case for all designers. Most designers find themselves surrounded by a space that has a long ‘to do’ list. If you were to come to my house today, you would many dings in the drywall from my 4 year old’s hockey stick and a sticky finger print here and there.


They Won’t Reflect My Taste

You want your home to reflect who you are—no one wants to be left with a home looking like a stale, false magazine cover where it seems no one would ever really live.

A good designer would never let their own tastes mesh or take over a client’s taste. Before any project begins, a designer will sit with you and learn all your wants and needs. Only after a clear image has been created and approved will they then create your space. Yes, YOUR space. In the end a design should reflect who you are.


My Modest Home Is Not Worthy Of Design

Every home deserves a great design, no matter how small or how big. While it may seem that design is only for the rich and famous, it is simply not true. And as we have mentioned above, design can be affordable to every one and even the smallest budgets can create a well-designed home.

Regardless of size, your home should be your castle. We suggest you reach out to a local designer who is able to work within your budget. Turn your small, modest space into one you are proud to call home.


A Designer Won’t Give Me A Livable Space

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t want to be left with a unwelcoming, cold space where everyone is scared to sit down, let alone live.

There are a lot of designers who are skilled at creating a homey environment that remains livable, yet also looks amazing. Before deciding on who to hire, be sure to ask the designer for pictures of past projects, and tell them that you want a space that is beautiful and livable. Perhaps you have kids, dogs etc.. a well-skilled designer can create a home that accommodates all your living needs.

Designers may battle a lot of misconceptions, but one thing is for certain, their skills and expertise trump all the myths. Paying for the expertise of a designer is well worth it; they have the power to turn a plain and simple space into a beautiful home. You cant always believe what you hear anyways ;)

XO Kelsey

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